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Godís Solution For Impatience
By Bob Hughes

Very simply, impatience is the result of being delayed from having the world be the way we think it needs to be, right now. If I need to get the family to church on time, Iíll become impatient with my kids when they donít get dressed quick enough and cause our departure to be delayed. If I need to get in and out of the bank quickly and the teller chats with all the customers ahead of me, Iíll get impatient. Itís the delay that causes the impatience. If there is one thing I think all people universally hate, itís having to wait.
The more important it is to have things be a certain way right now, the more impatient I will become if I get delayed. If Iím delayed  at a railroad crossing by a train when Iím out for a Sunday drive, I probably wonít become too impatient. But if Iím racing to the hospital with my wife in the car and sheís about to give birth to our child, any delay at a railroad crossing will understandably produce impatience. The intensity of our impatience tells us how much we think we need to achieve our agenda right now and how much we are not trusting Godís timing for our life.
Some mornings on my way to the office I pull into a gas station to get gas. Sometimes I have to wait in line. Although it may be a little inconvenient, the wait doesnít usually bother me all that much. But just this morning I got impatient when I was delayed by traffic for over thirty minutes. My impatience exposed my belief that I needed to get to my office on time before my first client arrived.

When I became impatient this morning, I was not choosing to believe God was in control and that His plan and timing were best. I was not choosing to trust Godís promise to cause ďall things to work together for goodĒ (Rom. 8:28
NASB). As a result, the delay in getting what I thought I needed caused me to become impatient.

It may help us to remember that we are all ďtrying to get back into the Garden of Eden.Ē We all want to experience heaven now, where we are always happy and never experience pain or sadness. When our goal is ďeverything goes my way,Ē being forced to wait can feel like torture. Think of waiting in line to get into Disneyland. We know all that fun is just inside the gate, but weíre stuck in line waiting for everyone ahead of us to buy their tickets.
The solution to impatience is learning to trust God for how things turn out in our world. More specifically, we need to trust that Godís timing and purpose for things is good, even when our plans are delayed. Instead of trying to control people and things to accomplish our goals according to our schedule, we need to ďfight the good fight of faithĒ and choose to trust Godís outcome, no matter what it is and how long it takes.

When we choose to believe God is good and that His love and grace are enough, over time, with His help, we will find ourselves becoming more patient. And the more patient we are, the freer we become to follow Godís plan, which is to love God and love others.