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Love Focused Coaching
At Love Focused Ministries our desire is to provide quality, affordable, Christian coaching to everyone in need. We offer a variety of coaching options to fit into any budget. For those in difficult financial situations because of these uncertain economic times, we offer several low cost coaching options. 

Our various coaching options are designed to help you:
* See your circumstances, emotions, and struggles from God's perspective.
* Understand not just what to do, but what has been holding you back from
           making the Godly changes you desire most in life.

* Change your perspective on some of the most important areas of life which will
       free you to change more quickly and easily.

* Understand your stress, frustration, anxiety, anger, or depression from a simple,
       practical, and biblical perspective that will free you to change.
Coaching options:

* Telephone coaching in 15 minute segments

   * Office coaching in 50 minute sessions.
   * Video Skype coaching   

Our office is located at:
25411 Cabot Rd. Suite 102                        
Laguna Hills, CA  92653
Call or email for an appointment: 949 855-8333, info@lovefocused.com