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'Essential Truths That Free Us to Change, Love, and Live for God'                                                         
                                         (Downloadable Video)
In this video, Bob Hughes discusses and expands upon some of the most important  concepts taught in his book, Love Focused.

If you're looking for uniquely practical answers to some of the most common challenges in life, this video is for you. For example, do you, or someone you know…

            ~Struggle with anger, worry, or impatience

            ~Try hard to change, but the solutions you’ve tried have not produced lasting change

Then you will find Bob's discussion of the misunderstood cause and solution for anger, anxiety, worry, and impatience both insightful and powerfully effective.

Bob also discusses some of the hidden causes that keep us from enjoying healthy relationships, as well as the overlooked biblical truth that unlocks God’s power for change.

This video was recorded at a church in Southern California, where Bob was teaching a Men's Support Group.
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