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       Love Focused
Living Life to the Fullest
Why is it that even though we know God loves us, we attend church regularly,
and we go to Bible studies every week, we still end up worried, anxious, angry
and stressed? And why do we so often struggle to love other people the way
we know we should?

Instead of the typical exhortations to “stop worrying” “choose to do the right
thing”, or “just try harder”, Love Focused begins by presenting a very different
perspective on what really causes these problems. It then provides a powerful,
God-centered solution that will free you to love, enjoy relationships and greatly
reduce stress, anxiety and worry.

What others have said:                                                       

“I think Love Focused will become known as one of the best Christian books of the decade."
Angie J. Rose

“This book is the most practical book on love I have read in a long time. This is the first book I recommend to anyone regarding spiritual growth, love, and marriage issues. It is a must read because it will change the way you think and thus change the way you live.”
Michael Gonzales, Ph.D.
Biola University
Some of the unique principles discussed include: 

         •  The misunderstood result of the Fall that diverts your focus away from God’s best 

         •  How to use your spiritual warning system to improve your relationship with God and

         •  The overlooked, life-changing truth about God that frees you to grow spiritually

         •  The misunderstood barrier that consistently prevents you from loving God and loving
Thought provoking, and above all, God-centered, this study guide is a powerful tool that will help you live a Love Focused life, a life that is lived to the fullest.

What others have said:

“Love Focused presents a wonderfully unique message that guides readers into a life-changing understanding of the biblical command to love God and others.”
Hanns Manship
Executive Vice President, Compassion Radio

“Of all the books on Christian growth I’ve read, Love Focused was by far the best. I didn’t want it to end. It was insightful, yet simple to understand and gave a simple solution that helped me understand how to change. Thank you for helping me to see the Christian life in a completely different way.”
Pam Wenger
Wife and Mother

“Other books I have read never helped me practically apply God’s word in a way that would make a significant difference in my life. Now I have a way. Thank you!”
Elizabeth Bodie
Wife and Mother

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