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"Definitely a Book to Buy"
By Rod Harrington

As I was reading Love Focused I felt, "This is good; this is meat for the spirit." A lot of books just take up shelf space, but here's a book of substance--it's an enjoyable read and the most practical Christian book I've read in a very long time.

Readers of this book will have what they need to start living out real Christianity: a God-centered approach based not on theory, but on reality. How did it happen that I made my Christianity so complex? Rules for this and options for that. Standards and laws. In contrast, Jesus was able to simplify the spiritual life to just two necessities: love God with all your heart, and love others as yourself.

How do we evaluate Christian maturity? Often it seems to be by outward measurements: church attendance, Bible knowledge, conforming to some list of do's and don'ts. But God looks at the inner person and evaluates by one criterion: is the person learning to live in love?

According to the authors, just trying to change our behavior, trying to act more loving, is not the ultimate answer. We may grit our teeth and do it (for a while), but let some stressful situation hit and we're more than likely to just lose it (and sometimes in a big way!).

The book does a wonderful job of contrasting a love focused life with its opposite (which they call "an outcome focused life"). When we, instead of trusting God to be in control, try to control situations ourselves, we'll end in living as people-pleasers, or with addictions, denial, busyness, perfectionism, or using any number of other self-protective strategies.

The last 90 pages of the book are on the power of love--God's solution and how to apply it in our lives. This is down-to-earth and practical stuff! …it's life with God as He meant it to be. This is definitely a book to buy!

"Powerful, Life Changing, Transforming"
By Richard Blake

Husband and wife team Bob and Judy Hughes address the complexities and challenges faced by today's society. Christians and non-Christians alike become overwhelmed with their lives and relationships. "Love Focused" is more than another book on keys to successful living but a book that directs the reader to the one master key. Love. A love focused life.

Concepts learned from traditional psychology influence our behavior patterns as well as a goal-driven motivation to succeed. A change in these goals must be made if we are to experience love focused living.

The authors label this dilemma the unseen struggle and trace our emotional needs and pain to living in a fallen world. They go on to point out God's provision for man's need. Part Two of the book deals with identifying the problems we face and goes on to discuss things like your personal agenda, instinctive solutions, control, and dealing with issues of anger.

Part three gives the reader a look at God's solution and the power to love. These chapters deal with the benefits of acknowledging that God is adequate to produce positive benefits in our lives, to recognize that we do not have to be in control, and the barriers to make the choice of faith. Part four deals with personal application and discusses legalism, grace, forgiveness, perfectionism, and provides a model for becoming love focused.

The Hughes writing is powerful, refreshing, and practical, infused with insight for change, ultimate transformation and fullness of joy. The book is formatted attractively. Concise summary statements, bulleted lists, and paragraph headers all add to the ease in reading and assimilating the information, for, study, review and application.

"Love Focused" is highly recommended by Christian leaders from all walks of life and is dedicated to help the reader live life to the fullest. This is an important user's manual for everyone seeking to trust God more deeply and to move forward in their personal spiritual journey.
"Love Focused a must have!"

By Angie Rose “Angie”

“I think Love Focused will become known as one of the best Christian books of the decade. It has been years since I have read such a fresh, honest address to some of life’s greatest and most common problems.

Bob and Judy’s friendly writing style ease you along real life changing help. The beauty of this work is its’ simplicity and biblical foundation. It should be required reading in schools, colleges, the workplace and yes, especially churches! You can probably tell that I thoroughly enjoyed Love Focused. The truth is I have read many books, Christian and secular, and very few have earned the privilege to be read again, let alone, dog-eared, tabbed, underlined and kept in a handy place at all times.”

"You Need to Read Love Focused"
Shenandoah G. Lynd “Doah”

I really need to recommend this book to you. It has totally changed my way of thinking and it is helping me to see real positive growth in my life. The concepts in this book go back many years to an article that the author, Bob Hughes, wrote. I had read the article probably 80 times. I had one in my car, one in my classroom, and another next to my bed. Honestly, I would put this book in a top 5 list of books that have helped me change the way I think in a very positive manner.

So, what is it about? It's about loving others well. I believe this book is a powerful tool in helping you carry out the greatest commandments which, of course, involve loving well (Matthew 22:37-40).

This book poses what I believe is the single greatest question every person must answer in their life: Is God enough? I know on the face of it this may not seem that ground-breaking or important, but, trust me, this is a profound point. As the author points out, most Christians believe that God loves them, but they do not act like God's love and grace are actually enough for them. This is a HUGE concept. If we truly believe that God's love and grace are sufficient for us, on a daily basis (or moment by moment basis) our actions will show it. We will live out our belief that GOD IS ENOUGH. Living out the "God is Enough" belief is such a stark contrast to simply believing "God loves me."

Intrigued? This book actually helps you understand these ideas and will give you the tools that will help you to live in a very love-focused and freeing way!

I strongly recommend that you get a copy of the book.
What a great book that simply clears up the source for so much confusion, pain, and frustration in life. I really think Christians should read this book. I teach its principles so often when talking and counseling people at my church. I've suggested it and gave them out to many people who have come back and thanked me. The book is powerful, the truth in it will change your life. Praise God for giving the Hughes their experience and wisdom to write this book!
"Must Read"
By Doug Elliott
This is a great book with lot's of great information. It is very well written and is thought provoking. The authors have great experience to share and have done their Bible research. I would say this is very Biblical grounded and I love how they helped me see God's perspective which brings a new freedom in my walk with Him. We have done 2 Bible studies using this book and the study guide. I highly recommend this for your own self study or for a group Bible study. If offers valuable points and gives life applications. All of us in the group went away with new revelations in our personal walk with God. This is a very good book to help with relationships.
"Great Self Study or Group Study"
Eileen Fahlgren
LOVE THIS BOOK! TELLING ALL MY FRIENDS ABOUT IT! TEACHING MY KIDS THE CONCEPTS! I am doing this book in a small group format and it is one of the best Christian "self-help" books I've ever gotten my hands on. Biblical and poignant. It is life-changing for any age, gender or life stage...single, divorced, young mom, empty-nester, man or woman, and everywhere in between! I understand the title after reading the book, but it doesn't do the content the real justice it deserves. It pinpoints the troublesome problem of being a control-freak and asks you the important question of whether you really trust God to be in control! Can you really focus on loving others, or are you focused working overtime on getting your agenda (even if it seems like a loving one)? I'm only part-way through, but had to write a 5-star review so more people will get their hands on this book! It will transform our Christian culture of control to really letting go and letting God be God!
Don't judge this book by the vague's deep and powerful!
Silly Sally "cooking45"
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