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                                                       Love Focused Study Guide                              

Building on one concept at a time, this study guide will assist you in applying the important principles in Love Focused across every area of life—from relationships, parenting, work, ministry, etc. This is an excellent study if your group is looking for something that digs deeper, yet is written in an easy to read style that is both challenging and fun.

This study will help you discover a very different approach to life and God that makes living in a difficult world satisfying and successful. And most importantly, it will help you succeed at the two things God says are most important: loving God and loving others.

What others have said:

“Absolutely one of the best studies our small group has ever done! Love Focused has made the difference between just being moved and being moved to change the way I think and understand about God's love. It has
taught me how to get the best out of God's love and plan for me. It’s Biblical, encouraging, solid teaching.”

Tim Myers
Small Group Host, Saddleback Church