At Love Focused Ministries our desire is to provide quality, Christian coaching that honors God and enables a life that is lived for the fulfillment of the Great Commandment: To love God and love others. 

                                             Our various coaching options are designed to help you:

  • See your circumstances, emotions, and struggles from God's perspective.

  • Understand not just what to do, but what has been holding you back from making the Godly changes you desire most in life.

  • Change your perspective on some of the most important areas of life which will free you to change more quickly and easily.

  • Understand your stress, frustration, anxiety, anger, or depression from a simple, practical, and biblical perspective that will free you to change.  

  • Acknowledge and change the incorrect beliefs and thoughts that prevent you from obeying God's plan.

  • Become motivated to love God and others out of a sincere gratefulness for what God has already done.

  • Experience the joy, peace, and contentment that is the result of knowing that God's love and grace are enough.

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