“You have changed my life in ways you cannot even imagine.”
Seminar Attendee

“Awesome class!! Both Bob and Judy have done a wonderful job teaching, and provided 
great material in a stimulating environment. I have learned a truly new way of loving others, 
and putting my trust in the Lord for the outcomes in my life.”
Seminar Attendee

“ The only disappointment I have about the Love Focused workshop is that it went by too 
quickly. Thank you. You have done more for me than you will ever know!”
Randy Peterson

“This workshop has been transformational to me. Dr. Bob and Judy have clarified some 
Christian truths in a way I have not heard elsewhere. Halfway through the class I lost my 
job of 42 years. Knowing and practicing these truths helped me deal with the incredible 
loss with a sense of peace, hope, and understanding.”
Mike Chambers

“This class has changed my whole way of thinking about life”
Maureen Madden

The Love Focused Living Seminar is based on the book, Love Focused. The purpose of the seminar is personal spiritual growth with a specific emphasis on learning to trust God, love God and love others. It can be offered in a variety of formats.

Typically an all-day Saturday format or a Friday night/Saturday time frame.

Love Focused Living Seminar

This is a six-week class based on the book, Love Focused. A very popular, easy way for a church
to introduce their members to the life-changing truths found in Love Focused.

The emphasis on these weekends is spiritual growth and discipleship. It is designed for 
church staff retreats, leadership retreats, small group and church-wide spiritual growth retreats.

Six Week Class

Growth Retreats

Love Focused Ministries offers a variety of seminars and classes. We use a casual, interactive method of teaching that promotes greater understanding and learning. While we are flexible with our presentations, and can tailor our presentation to your organization’s needs, the following are formats we typically suggest: