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Strengthening ourFaith ~ Growing in Love
"The best description I have read on how a relationship with God can truly change us."
Bevan Unrau, Senior Pastor
Seabreeze Church, Huntington Beach, CA

"This book is the most practical book on love I have read in a long time. This is the first book I recommend to anyone regarding spiritual growth, love, and marriage issues."
Michael Gonzales, Ph.D.
Biola University

"Read this book and you’ll find solid understanding and practical ways to improve your spiritual life while deepening your personal relationships.”
Matt McGill
Youth Pastor, Mariners Church, Irvine, CA

"Absolutely one of the best studies our small group has ever done!"
Tim Myers
Small Group Leader

"Love Focused presents a wonderfully unique message that guides readers into a life-changing understanding of the primary biblical commandment to love God and others."
Hanns Manship
Executive Vice President
Compassion Radio

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If you're looking for answers that are refreshingly different, yet powerful...
If you sometimes live on a treadmill of pressure and fear...
If you're tired of trying harder and not seeing any change...
If you can't identify what is holding you back from trusting God more deeply...
If worry, anxiety, or anger are stealing your joy...