What Others Have Said

“I would put this book in a top five list of books that have helped me change the way I think in a very positive manner. The concepts in this book go back many years to an article that  the authors wrote. I had read the article probably eighty times. I had one in my car, one in my classroom, and another next to my bed. I strongly recommend that you get a copy of the book.

Shenendoah Lynd

Youth Pastor

“Love Focused clearly outlines how we ought to love God and others, in the way God has intended. Easy to read, yet profound, it unmasks the destructive lies most of us commonly believe. Read this book and you’ll find solid understanding and practical ways to improve your spiritual life while deepening your personal relationships.” 


Matt McGill

Pastor of Regional Campus Ministry

Saddleback Church

"I have to admit that I started reading Love Focused simply because I am a huge Bob and Judy Hughes fan. But by page three or four, it no longer mattered who wrote it...it was good stuff! They have written a simple, straight forward, practical and yet deeply challenging book that I think is well worth your time."

Kurt Johnston

Pastor to Students

Saddleback Church

“This book is the most practical book on love I have read in a long time. This is the first book I recommend to anyone regarding spiritual growth, love, and marriage issues. It is a must read because it will change the way you think and thus change the way you live.”

Michael Gonzales, Ph.D.

Biola University

"To say that the principles in this book are life changing is really an understatement. I’ve been transformed!"

Jeff Hughes (not related)

“It has been years since I have read such a fresh, honest address to some of life’s greatest and most common problems. I thoroughly enjoyed Love Focused. The truth is I have read many books, Christian and secular, and very few have earned the privilege to be read again, let alone, dog-eared, tabbed, underlined and kept in a handy place at all times.”

 Angie J. Rose 



“The Hughes insight into the fundamental obstacles to godly change is powerful, unique, and above all, biblical. This book is a priceless gift to all of us who have yearned for a closer and richer life with God and others.”

Richard Denault

Television Director

This is one of those books that will make a positive impact on your life right away! I’m a busy mom with two young children. When a friend told me about Love Focused my first thought was “I don’t have time to read it!” After reading just the first few paragraphs, I was hooked. It’s filled with great stories and biblical truths that will keep you entertained and speak to your heart. Love Focused is helping me become a better wife, better parent, better friend…better me!”

Sandy Adams

Wife and Mother

“The Love Focused book and workshop have been transformational to me. Dr. Bob and Judy have clarified some Christian truths in a way I have not heard elsewhere. Knowing and practicing these new truths have helped me deal with the loss of a job I had for 42 years with a greater sense of peace, hope, and understanding.”

Mike Chambers

“Love Focused presents a wonderfully unique message that guides readers into a life-changing understanding of the primary biblical commandment to love God and others. It will bless all who hunger for peace and contentment in Christ.”

Hanns Manship

Executive Vice President

Compassion Radio

“This book has truly been a transformation for me. It has exposed core issues in my life that were holding me back from living life fully and loving God and others completely. Thanks especially for the real life examples in the book that made it real for me and showed me step by step how to apply what I was learning.”

Mary Brummett

“By far the best book I’ve ever read on spiritual growth. I give it to all

my premarital counseling clients.”

Mary Owen